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21 January 2021 - Will First Home Buyers be able to Access Early Super

During these challenging times, novel economic measures have been adopted to help Australians make the most of a bad situation. One bold idea has emerged to help Australians buy their first home, in a plan that would allow people early access to their superannuation. While this plan could lead to greater home-ownership rates among renters and young Australians, it could also have "devastating impacts" according to some politicians.

18 January 2021 - Regional Markets Rise as Aussies Move Away from Cities

COVID-19 is having a huge effect on the Australian housing market, but in a different way than predicted by many experts. While national prices remain stronger than expected, regional house prices are soaring much higher than capital city markets. More and more Australians are leaving traditional centres like Sydney and Melbourne, which has led to rising demand, skyrocketing prices, and tough rental conditions for locals in some regional parts of the country. 

11 January 2021 - Sleep, Food & Your Body Clock

Your body clock affects every aspect of your daily life, from the moment you wake in the morning to your performance at work and quality of your sleep. Also known as your circadian rhythm, this "clock" is built into every cell in your body. While your body clock does not keep perfect linear time or follow an exact 24-hour cycle, it is very much a defining factor in how you live your life. In order to have a healthy, happy, and productive time on planet Earth, it's important to be aware of your body clock and understand the intricate links between sleep, food, physical activity, and time itself.

8 January 2021 - Open Resolutions for the New Year

When it comes to New Year's Resolutions, setting lists is much easier than getting stuff done. Resolutions fail for many reasons, with people often demanding too much of themselves and being too rigid about the goals they set. According to new research, 'open' resolutions are much more likely to succeed. If we make open-ended rather than specific goals, we are much more likely to achieve positive results. Whether you want to get fitter or be more productive at work, open goals offer a range of psychological and performance benefits.

4 January 2021 - Making the Perfect Home Office

Creating the perfect office space is an important skill for anyone who's working from home. Whether you run a home business, work as a freelancer, or operate a remote workstation for a multi-national, managing your space helps to decrease your stress levels and improve your productivity. From making a plan and buying furniture to using your wall space and establishing work zones, let's look at how you can make the perfect office at home.


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