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20 April 2020 - Real Estate in Limbo

The financial impacts of coronavirus are starting to affect every aspect of our lives, and the real estate market is not immune. While the shear size of the housing market gives it some insulation from the effects of the pandemic, buyers and sellers remain uncertain in these very strange times. The property market in Australia is somewhat in limbo, as people wait for the impact of coronavirus to trickle through to house prices.

20 April 2020 - How is the Stimulus Package being Funded

The Australian government has unveiled the largest economic stimulus package in the nation's history, with $320 billion made available to combat the economic impacts of the pandemic. As “the biggest economic lifeline in Australia’s history,” according to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, this money is designed to boost the welfare system, support workers, and keep businesses alive during this difficult time. With so much money on the table, however, people are wondering exactly where it's coming from and how we can afford it. 

14 April 2020 - How to keep fit at home

The coronavirus is affecting every aspect of life, from work to play to exercise and fun. While going outside to exercise is one of the few things allowed at the moment, not everyone likes walking down empty streets or trying to avoid people while jogging. Gyms are off-limits, team sports are cancelled, and even beaches are a no-go area in many suburbs. While you should try to exercise outdoors while you can, it's also important to step outside your comfort zone and keep fit at home.

6 April 2020 - Getting Creative with your Kids at Home

With many people in full lockdown mode due to the coronavirus, lots of us are stuck inside with the kids. While this situation can certainly be challenging and doesn't always run smoothly, there's a lot you can do to keep your kids entertained. Creative projects are a great way to spend some time, with even the simplest ideas likely to be embraced by your kids during this strange time. From recycled art projects and exercise play through to time-honoured board games, getting your kids away from their screens demands a little creativity.


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