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23 May 2018 - Income Tax & the Budget

The 2018 Budget initiated long-term plans to simplify Australia's tax system, with Treasurer Scott Morrison pledging $140 billion in personal income tax relief over the next decade. The ambitious seven-year program put forth by the Liberal Party will have a huge influence on the next Federal election, with the entire plan set to last for three election cycles. Along with winding back taxation thresholds, the Government are also planning to scrap the 37 percent tax rate by 2024, along with measures that combat bracket creep.

17 May 2018 - What Does the Budget Mean for Homebuyers

The 2018 Federal Budget is here, with many of the changes announced by Treasurer Scott Morrison set to affect Aussie home-owners. While millennials, renters, and prospective first-home buyers were largely ignored by the government, elderly home-owners will have a greater ability to access a reverse mortgage to unlock their home’s equity. While the lack of attention given to housing affordability has been criticised by many, new incentives for the elderly will help to unlock wealth for 1.8 million age pensioners.

11 May 2018 - Which Household Appliances Use the Most Energy

Whether it's cooking our food, washing our clothes, or keeping us entertained at night, electricity is needed for all aspects of modern life. Power bills are a huge expense for most people, with domestic appliances accounting for 33 percent of all household energy consumption. Other big contributors include water and cooling at 40 percent, and water heating at 21 percent. Electricity is charged in kilowatts per hour (kWh) units, with some appliances much more expensive to run than others. Let's take a look at some of the best, and some of the worst offenders.

2 May 2018 - Do Smart Drugs Work

Have you ever thought about taking drugs to make you smarter or help you perform better at work? Smart drugs include all compounds that are capable of enhancing cognitive function, including stimulants like caffeine and Ritalin and nootropic substances such as piracetam and modafinil. While some of these substances have been found to improve memory, motivation and creativity in scientific studies, they can be dangerous when abused or taken without a prescription.

1 May 2018 - World's Best Road Trips

There's nothing better than a good road trip to clear out the cobwebs. Fresh air and majestic scenery inspire the imagination like nothing else, helping you to break the bonds of familiarity and giving you a new lease on life. From far away journeys like Route 66 in the United States and Ticlio Pass in Peru through to the Great Ocean Road in Australia and Milford Road in New Zealand, let's take a look at some of the world's most amazing road trips. 


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