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22 July 2020 - The Pros & Cons of the HomeBuilder Grant

The Australian Government announced HomeBuilder in June in an effort to stimulate growth and keep construction jobs alive. The scheme is available for buyers of newly built houses or units, and also covers substantial renovations of at least $150,000. For people and projects that meet the strict criteria, there is $25,000 available as a cashback to help offset the cost of construction. While many people are set to benefit from the scheme, qualification and implementation challenges are proving a real headache for some.

20 July 2020 - The Impact of Super Withdrawals

Australians are affected by COVID-19 in different ways, with some people doing fine economically and others relying heavily on government support just to bring food onto the table. Along with the huge numbers that define the JobKeeper and JobSeeker support packages, desperate times have seen around 2.7 million early withdrawals from superannuation accounts. While this money has assisted many and helped to keep the economy ticking over, borrowing money from your own future could have serious impacts in the years ahead. 

17 July 2020 - Household Spending During the Pandemic

The reality of COVID-19 continues to affect economic growth, as health and isolation measures endure in direct response to the pandemic. Household spending is down on a universal basis, with the economies of Australia and New Zealand severely affected despite relative success in containing the virus. The situation is changing by the day, with leading industry research company IBISWorld publishing an in-depth breakdown of how the pandemic is currently affecting the Australian and New Zealand economy. 

13 July 2020 - The Value of Incidental Exercise

In a world defined by deliberate and organised action, sometimes the incidental things make all the difference. Incidental activity is a valuable form of daily exercise, with small incidental movements accumulating throughout the day as the result of your normal routine. While not a complete substitute for discipline and organisation, these small movements add up over time to improve your physical and mental health. Incidental exercise doesn't happen at the gym, which makes it an ideal solution in a COVID-19 world.

6 July 2020 - Learning to Love Your Own Backyard

As coronavirus restrictions continue around the globe, access to living space is shrinking as the world gets smaller and more localised. Whether it's your town, your suburb, or your property, people have been forced to lower their horizons and spend time in the confines of their own backyard. Current restrictions are designed to place limits on novel experiences and minimise social contacts in order to control COVID-19. While this situation is incredibly challenging on many levels, it also creates opportunities to explore the smaller spaces that lie just beyond your door.


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