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12 July 2021 - Mortgages Cheaper than Rents

It's cheaper to pay off a mortgage than it is to rent in many Australian locations. While the long-term benefits of home ownership are obvious, the short-term savings associated with renting do not always come off. According to figures from CoreLogic, the majority of homes in Queensland are now cheaper to buy than rent, as are some cities and most regional parts of Australia. While Sydney, Melbourne, and combined capital figures point towards cheaper renting, these figures may even out in coming months as more people move away from state capitals.     

8 July 2021 - Why is Processed Food Bad

We are always told that processed foods are bad, but few people ask why. Foods often need processing to make them digestible, with different methods and techniques available to preserve food, add flavour to food, and make food production safer and more consistent. However, despite these obvious benefits, food processing has also been linked with numerous health problems. Let's take a close look at the complex relationship that exists between food processing, nutrition, and human health.

5 July 2021 - The Link Between Green Spaces & Happiness

If you've ever felt happy when visiting a park, garden, or reserve, you're certainly not alone. According to a recent study, there is a recognised link between green spaces in urban environments and the happiness of residents, workers, and city visitors. From inner-city botanical gardens to manicured parkland and riverside pathways, access to green spaces provides much more than aesthetic pleasure. As city planners and politicians attempt to reinvigorate central business districts in a post-COVID world, we have a unique opportunity to create vibrant new green spaces.  

1 July 2021 - Global CBDs on Life Support

The central business district is on life support, with cities around the world struggling to spring back into life. From New York to San Francisco, from Auckland to Melbourne, the CBD looks very different since the global pandemic. There are many reasons for this shift, including more remote work opportunities, less disposable income, and a growing distrust of public spaces due to health concerns. While some cities are showing new signs of life, politicians and city planners are struggling to address the ongoing exodus.


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