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21 September 2017 - Business Confidence Up - Consumer Confidence Down

The Australian economy has been going through an interesting phase lately, with consumer confidence continuing to struggle amidst growing long-term business sentiment. Despite recording a bump in September, the Westpac-Melbourne Institute Consumer Sentiment Index has been firmly in the pessimistic zone for the best part of three years. In contrast, the NAB business confidence and conditions survey in August continues to highlight strong business conditions despite a recent drop in business confidence.

12 September 2017 - Home Ownership Delayed to Later in Life

According to a new study from Roy Morgan Research, Australians are putting off key life events due to increasing economic pressures and changing education and social patterns. Not only are young Australians living at home for longer than ever before, home ownership is being delayed and fewer people are owning their home outright before retirement. With an increasing number of people living at home and renting until their 40s, it seems it's never too late to get your foot onto the property ladder.   

7 September 2017 - City Parks for the Urban Household

The health benefits of nature are well known, with people who spend time in natural environments less likely to be anxious or depressed than those who never leave the urban jungle. It's not possible for everyone to live by the ocean or hide away on the top of a mountain, however, so city planners are learning to improve the mental state of residents by adding pockets of nature that copy the wider world. By incorporating insights from science and psychology into their work, urban designers can create future cities that work with nature instead of fighting against it.

4 September 2017 - Does Moderate Drinking Cause Harm

Excessive alcohol consumption has been associated with a wide range of negative health outcomes, from the physical effects of liver disease through to brain damage and depression. While everyone is aware of the dangers of heavy drinking, the truth about moderate drinking can be much harder to discern. Can one or two drinks at the end of the day really be OK, or is the idea that low-level drinking is good for your health actually a myth? 

1 September 2017 - Rise of the Robots

Robotic technology continues to make headlines, as artificial intelligence and innovative hardware converge in clever and surprising ways. From mechanical factory workers and robotic surgeons through to moving sex dolls and robotic vacuum cleaners, automation has become a big part of our everyday life. The rise of the robots is not without its problems, however, as experts warn of job losses, moral uncertainty, and the unintended consequences of emergent systems.


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