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20 September 2018 - The Truth About Australia's GDP Growth

In theory, the Australian economy is ticking over nicely, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) recording yet another quarter of stronger than expected GDP results. According to a growing number of commentators, however, the traditional way to measure economic prosperity has become worthless as a measure of personal wealth and well-being. Despite solid GDP figures, Australians are still struggling with low wages growth, low personal savings, high energy bills, and high levels of personal debt.

19 September 2018 - Lending for Renovations Down

Bank loans for home renovations have dropped over the last few months to their lowest level in 17 years. Having risen consistently since the start of 2016, lending for alternations and additions continue to plummet as Aussies become less confident about investing in their own homes. Despite falling house prices and a drop in lending activity for both investors and renovations, the average home loan size has increased 7.5 percent since last July to $408,600.

17 September 2018 - Household Composition Around the World

Not all household are the same, with vast differences between household size and composition around the world. According to the latest 'Database of Household Size and Composition' report from the United Nations, the average household size ranges from less than three people to more than six depending on where you live. While rising living standards across the world have led to a decrease in household size over the last few years, an ageing global population is creating additional household stress in some countries.

10 September 2018 - Rising Cases of Anxiety

There is a rising anxiety epidemic sweeping across the world, with this silent mental health disorder affecting people of all ages, genders and races. According to one recent poll, adults in the United States are increasingly anxious about the world around them. The situation in Australia and New Zealand is not much better, with children as young as four diagnosed with anxiety and women particularly at risk. While rising levels of anxiety are a worry for us all, if harnessed properly, some people think anxiety could also be a power for good.

5 September 2018 - Plans for Space Elevator

A space elevator has long been proposed as an affordable way to transport people and goods beyond Earth's atmosphere. While most of the work in this field has been in the realms of theory or science fiction, Japanese scientists have taken the first small steps into making this vision a reality. Researchers have just launched two tiny satellites to the International Space Station in an effort to test any changes in movement and orientation that could possibly affect future elevator transport.


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