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23 October 2019 - Low Interest Rates and the Bank Response

Australia's interest rate is at an historic low, currently sitting at 0.75% and possibly heading even lower. As the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) moves the cash rate closer to zero, an increasing number of banks are failing to go along for the ride. Individual lenders have been told to look towards alternative lenders, with the RBA itself possibly resorting to even more desperate measures as it contemplates quantitative easing. With few moves left to stimulate Australia's struggling economy, the economic landscape is heading towards interesting territory.

21 October 2019 - Prices up for 3rd Month

In September results, the Australian property market experienced its strongest gains since March 2017, as prices rose for the third consecutive month. While the lift in prices was still somewhat subdued, a pattern is starting to emerge as both first-home buyers and investors re-enter the market. According to the CoreLogic national home value index, five of eight state capitals were up for the month, with the combined capitals and combined regional totals also back in positive territory.

16 October 2019 - Looking After Your Eyes in the Screen Age

Technology continues to have a profound effect on every aspect of our lives, with computers and other devices used for work, play, and everything in-between. Whether it's a desktop computer at work, a laptop at home, or a smartphone during your daily commute, people are spending more time staring at computer screens each and every year. Excessive screen time is known to have a negative effect, with digital eye strain increasingly recognised as a serious health issue. Whether you suffer from headaches, blurred vision, or eye twitching, there are lots of ways to look after your eyes in the screen age. 

9 October 2019 - Getting Your Home Ready for Summer

With summer approaching fast, there's never been a better time for some creative interior design tweaks. While few people have the time or budget to completely change their home each season, a few small adjustments will keep your home looking sharp and fresh. Summer is the time of light, heat, and celebration, with relevant interior design schemes able to align your home with the best aspects of the season. Let's look at some of the best interior design trends to look out for during the summer of 2019/20.

2 October 2019 - 5G and Why Some People are Scared

The rollout of 5G connectivity is having a huge impact, with some people looking forward to lightning fast download speeds and others concerned about the health and environmental risks of this new technology. 5G is the latest and fifth generation of cellular network technology, and promises faster speeds, lower latency, and greater reliability than its predecessors. 5G is about 60 times faster than 4G, with better speeds and bandwidth achieved through the use of higher frequencies and therefore shorter wavelengths. 


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